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Harper Campbell

Hendrick's - Flora Adora Gin

Hendrick's - Flora Adora Gin

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It is created at the Hendrick鈥檚 Gin Palace on the Ayrshire bee corridor, this gin was inspired by Ms. Lesley Gracie鈥檚 fascination in watching nature at the Gin Palace garden. Specifically her fascination with enticing flowers and the interaction with garden creatures. Ms. Gracie has a deep rooted love and respect for nature and the importance of protecting unique and precious eco systems. Using her background in chemistry, experience of experimentation, and fascination with botanical pairings, Ms. Gracie has extracted this enticing essence and bottled it in a gin. Hendrick鈥檚 Flora Adora is based on the signature round house style made by curiously combining 11 botanicals distilled in two unusual stills and adding the delicious duo rose and cucumber as a coupe de grace, but Hendrick鈥檚 Flora Adora adds yet another wave of flavour using a secret selection of flowers particularly attractive to pollinators to create an enticingly fresh, lusciously floral gin.

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